Sis-Boom-Ba-Cation 2013: More Fabric District and getting just a little Mood-y


Sculpture out front of the FIDM building

UPDATE: I actually finished my trip to Cali but have been so busy that I waited until I was back home to finish my posts. Gosh, this trip was so much fun  …

I love competition shows. Shows like Chopped, Master Chef, and Project Runway. I live vicariously through the competitors. So f you have followed with me this week, you know I’m on vacation out here in beautiful Southern California, and you know I’ve been hanging out with my sister in the fabric district of downtown Los Angeles. I’ve run into Stanley from last season’s Project Runway, saw a camera crew filming a new show about designers, and I’ve LOVED it!

My fabric stalking freaking trekking wouldn’t be complete without driving out to West L.A. to visit Mood Fabrics. Project Runway made Mood New York famous to those of us who don’t have these kind of options readily available. Plus, I have a friend that recently visited Mood New York and I have to say I was pretty green with envy, (love ya, Cookie!). So, here was my chance! I don’t know what I really expected, but this is what I discovered: if you are looking to shop like you’re at your local Joann Fabrics (which I am so thankful for!), i.e., eye level, simply organized, with the basics, this isn’t the place for you. Their fabrics include many very special (think beads, silks, high end woolens, etc. Heck, think award shows!) fabrics, and if you’re looking for something special, I have no doubt you’ll find it here. They are organized by fabric types, but are on large rolls stacked many feet high up. Designers typically know what they’re looking for and must find this easier to sift through than a novice like myself. Nevertheless, it was amazing.

Mood Fabrics with a photo bomb by Crystal. That's her daughter next to her. She doesn't think we're nearly as funny as we do!

Mood Fabrics with a photo bomb by Crystal. That’s her daughter next to her. She doesn’t think we’re nearly as funny as we do!

Their button & hardware section is amazing! It’s a huge wall many feet wide and from floor to probably 7 feet high! There are a few books and notions available, but where Mood really shines is with the fabrics. I was a total tourist and only bought a few Mood branded products!

Mood Fabrics window display

Mood Fabrics window display

Thanks Mood!

Thanks Mood! This is their bag that is a great size and makes me a total Mood stalker!

Besides Mood, we also went back to downtown L.A. and visited FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) which has an awesome store front with fabric remnants for cheap and some sewn garments. Isn’t that statue in the first photo beautiful? Love it! There were other shops that specialized in Juki machines and notions and upholstery and .. and .. and .. it is enough to blow your mind!

JUKI machines shipped all over the country from this little shop

JUKI machines shipped all over the country from this little shop

So, this was my fourth (was it my 4th or 5th? Crazy how much time we spent there!) day in L.A.. And I don’t know how to tell ya, but I could do this again … interested in going with me?

More pictures to come!