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Can you see it? I almost walked right through the middle of it!

Can you see it? I almost walked right through the middle of it!


























I have a watermelon that came up from last year's seeds. I gave it a chair to rest on

I have a watermelon that came up from last year’s seeds. I gave it a chair to rest on


























Ophie is in the lead with the two youngest following behind. LadyBird is resting in the background


Sleepy Seamus. My 130 pound lap dog

Sleepy Seamus. My 130 pound lap dog


























My ever present, ever watching nutMeg

My ever present, ever watching nutMeg


Hoping your morning has been as pleasant as mine and that the rest of our day may be purposeful and joyful.


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A Washi Parfait

Washi Parfait

Washi Parfait

Make your own yogurt parfait to go.

But first: I have a confession, I have not been a fan of neither smoothies nor yogurt parfaits … I know! Crazy! I have no explanation except that I’ve read over and over that you don’t drink your calories and though I like yogurt, I’ve never found it filling. So, both of them, in my mind, were just extra calories. And, truth be told, I think I felt kind of snobbish about it, like they weren’t real food.

I’m hanging my head.

I’ve changed my mind.

I’ve discovered I was wrong.

There. It’s confessed and now I can move on … ūüėČ

And I have.

I co-hosted a baby shower brunch a couple of years ago. We decided to go with yogurt parfaits in canning jars. The other hostess was going to make them the night before and bring them early the morning of the shower. When she told me she was going to use frozen fruit instead of fresh fruit, I was mildly alarmed and was worried it wouldn’t be good. Trying to not micro manage and to trust K, I didn’t say anything and let it go. So glad I did. She used a great frozen combination (blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries) and a vanilla yogurt. Layering the frozen berries with the yogurt the night before, allowed for them thaw and their juices to gently pool on top of the yogurt. The were beautiful and very tasty. We had a bowl of granola to add for those who desired it.

Flash forward to Summer 2013. I had a road trip with some girlfriends. Actually a train trip to meet another girlfriend. I was in charge of breakfast (which I loved!) and made a wonderful treat to eat on our way. Everything needed to be disposable so we could travel light.

Would you like to make one for yourself?

6 simple ingredients to make yours to go

Here is the list of ingredients that I used to make it:

  • Plastic Cup
  • Press ‘n Seal
  • Washi Tape
  • Disposable Spoon (I used a bamboo spoon)
  • Yogurt (I used what I had, but my favorite is Greek Goddess Honey Yogurt)
  • Frozen Fruit

Layer your yogurt and frozen fruit. Top with an amount of¬† Press ‘n Seal (isn’t this stuff amazing!) and trim around the top approximately an inch down. Cover with washi by taping around the top edge of the cup. Trim any excess of the Press ‘n Seal. If you have a bamboo or plastic spoon, why not trim the handle with the matching washi?

So, the next time you want to take a healthy snack and carrying dirty dishes afterward isn’t the ideal situation, I hope you try this. I bet you’ll feel special when you take it out to enjoy it.

NOTE: I am not being paid to use or promote any of these items. I just like them.

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Cutting up a wedding dress

Little did she know she and her marriage would be an inspiration to many

Little did Cathe know that she and her marriage would be an inspiration to so many

No, this is not about an angry ex-wife.

This is about a wonderful friend, happy and married for thirty something years. She loves her family like crazy and adores her grandchildren.

This friend of mine, she had this idea … and it included me! ¬†She asked me to do something that she knew would stretch me. And she didn’t think twice about it, apparently!

She asked if I would cut up her wedding dress and make a special event dress for her almost one year old granddaughter. CUT UP her WEDDING DRESS!¬†(I’ve discovered my friends have a lot more faith in me than I do for myself!)

Whhhaaat? Her youngest granddaughter was having a special event and she wondered about making her a dress for her from her very own wedding dress.

I’m still shaking my head that I said yes! Especially not even knowing what it looked like. Plus, the fact that there’s only one, that it’s a special dress, for a special event …

But, a yes is a yes, no matter how many times I questioned my abilities.

In planning it out, I had thought it was needed by July, but when I found out that it had been scheduled in June, and I was going to be on vacation the first part of June, I took it with me ON THE AIRPLANE! I checked it in baggage and prayed it wouldn’t get lost – even though I had a direct flight!

Once in L.A., while staying with my sister (she worked half days sometimes, so I could sew while she was gone), I made a muslin of the pattern just to make sure I understood the instructions. I hadn’t sewn a dress for a little girl in AGES, so I wasn’t about to cut up the dress right away. I used McCalls Pattern #M5791, view C. This is a sweet, sweet dress for any little girl. Classic, even.

McCalls Pattern 5791

What an adorable little model!

Oh, and did I mention that I only had Little Miss’ weight and measurements? I’d never even met her! The pattern is for a short dress and I wanted the dress to be about ankle length. Little Miss wasn’t walking yet, but as we know, that could happen any day for a one year old and I didn’t want it to be a frustrating length for her.

Muslin front. I made ties out of muslin, too, but it was so bulky I wanted to try a satin ribbon instead

Muslin front. I made ties out of muslin, too, but it was so bulky I wanted to try a satin ribbon instead

This is the muslin back. I decided to not make a lining in the muslin like I would in the final dress

This is the muslin back. I decided to not make a lining in the muslin like I would in the final dress

After sewing the muslin, my sis asked a friend of hers if she’d try the muslin on her 14 month old.

It fit her perfectly!

This is only the muslin and I was trying to determine how long it needed to be.

This is only the muslin and I was trying to determine how long it needed to be.

After making the muslin, I decided I didn’t like the sleeves, they were too much like wings, and the belt was a little bulky. So, I wanted to try and make the sleeve out of the hem of the wedding dress and get a satin sash for the belt. This muslin was sooo helpful, and I recommend making them for new patterns.

So, what next? The cutting up of the dress! It still churns my stomach a little! The great thing about this dress is that it was a lovely cotton and lace dress. Working with natural fibers is so much easier!

Remember to breathe!

Remember to breathe!

In retaining the lovely hem, I had to measure out from the bodice the length I wanted

To keep the lovely hem, I had to measure out from the bodice the length I needed (which was a guess).

It went fairly quickly and I noted the lining was a really nice quality and since it already had hemming to it, I used the wedding dress lining for the baby’s dress lining, too!

I did have a couple of sewing issues, but that’s pretty typical – for me. When I was basting I looked up and saw what was happening! ACK! I was working on my sister’s machine, but I used to have this problem all.the.time. on my previous machine. Her machine was great and did the job just fine, I just needed to pay attention!

No Bueno

No Bueno

So, by the time I was to return home from SoCal, I carried the not quite finished little dress with me on the fight home. I still needed to put in the zipper and hand stitch the bodice lining down. I returned on a Friday and it was needed by the next weekend. Totally do-able.

But, other than that, plus that little fight with the zipper, I finished it and was satisfied. The last breath held was whether it would actually fit her!

And it did!


I know it’s difficult to see the detail of the fabric since it’s white on white, but it was so sweet! There is embroidery throughout the fabric, with the lovely trim along the hemline and sleeves. Grams and Mommy were totally happy and it looks like Little Miss liked it, too.

Thank you, Cathe, for having more faith in me than I have in myself, and for letting me be a part of such a special day. You’re an amazing woman and I love it that we’re friends.

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Patchwork, Please! Yum Yum Apple Bib

I’m a big fan of Zakka style projects, from home decor to crafts to clothing. One of the Zakka style books I have is Patchwork, Please! It has wonderful projects to sew and just about a week and a half ago I discovered a sew-along going on for this book. LRStitched is hosting it and has gone through the “for the kitchen” already and has moved on to “for kids”. Now I don’t have babies or toddlers anymore, but I have two beautiful little grandsons, 1 and nearly 3. I’m also mother-esque to many more beyond my own two, and many of them have children.

SO, I have lots of opportunities to need a little something to give away …¬† and this Yum Yum Apple Bib is one I think lots of mommies would like.


The instructions in the book are easy to follow, and there’s a great section for ‘Techniques’, that’s super helpful. I made a couple of changes, like for the leaf, which is three pieces, I sewed one down onto the bib, and the other, which is double-sided, is only sewn in the middle, so it’s a little ‘floppy’, like a real leaf might be. It also called for a piece of fabric that you make into the binding, which is also the bib tie, but I went the lazy easy way and bought 1/4″ binding.

In selecting the fabrics, the gingham on the bottom and the dotted swiss on the top (there’s a bit of a ruffly texture to it) are vintage fabrics I bought at a yard sale. the seeds and leaf fabrics, the center of the apple, as well as the tips of the tie, are all fabrics I already had on hand. It is backed with a flannel, perfect to be up against a bare chested toddler enjoying watermelon, ice cream, an apple!

It was easy peasy to make, but can you identify something a little ‘off’ about it? I noticed it when it was finished. If you can’t, I’m not telling!

Perfection is over-rated!

Have a great rest of your weekend, I have a ton more sewing and gardening to do!

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Sis-Boom-Ba-Cation 2013: A Photo Finish

I was in L.A. 9 days. I’d been looking forward to them,¬†needing them, and I know they’d fly by.

And fly by they did.

Rather than try and write and recapture everything, I hope you enjoy, instead, pictures of where I went, what I did.

I’m so thankful for my brother that made this trip possible. To see his son graduate high school. To reconnect with him, my baby brother. To have some much needed sister time. Thank you, Doug. I love you.

I hope you enjoy

This is my oldest niece, Miranda. She's awesome, but she cracks to easy. :)

This is my oldest niece, Miranda. She’s awesome, but she cracks too easy. :)

There is always at least one that got away. This is one of the fabrics I wish I'd bought when I saw it.

There is always at least one that got away. This is one of the fabrics I wish I’d bought when I saw it.

The Original Pantry. It never closes. For real.

The Original Pantry. It never closes. For real.

Dim Sum!

Dim Sum!

I hope you’re not tired of seeing food!

See's Candies. A west coast goodness with all the free samples you can take! Delicious and great gifts to take back home!

See’s Candies. A west coast goodness with all the free samples you can take! Delicious and great gifts to take back home!

In-N-Out Burger. If you haven't ever heard of this place, get on a plane to find one. Now.

In-N-Out Burger. If you haven’t ever heard of this place, get on a plane to find one. Now.

Stitch Magazine had an AMAZING and so so helpful guide to the L.A. Fabric District a few months ago.

Stitch Magazine had an AMAZING and so so helpful guide to the L.A. Fabric District a few months ago.

There was this one fabric shop that just specializes in Hawaiian fabrics. I can't wait to do something with this!

There was this one fabric shop that just specializes in Hawaiian fabrics. I can’t wait to do something with this!

Class of 2013!!

Class of 2013!!

"Is my ear showing? Dang it!"

“Is my ear showing? Dang it!”

This is on the way back to LAX. She logged 763 miles in 9 days with me!

This is on the way back to LAX. She logged 763 miles in 9 days with me!

and last but not least



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Sis-Boom-Ba-Cation 2013: More Fabric District and getting just a little Mood-y


Sculpture out front of the FIDM building

UPDATE: I actually finished my trip to Cali but have been so busy that I waited until I was back home to finish my posts. Gosh, this trip was so much fun ¬†…

I love competition shows. Shows like Chopped, Master Chef, and Project Runway. I live vicariously through the competitors. So f you have followed with me this week, you know I’m on vacation out here in beautiful Southern California, and you know I’ve been hanging out with my sister in the fabric district of downtown Los Angeles. I’ve run into Stanley from last season’s Project Runway, saw a camera crew filming a new show about designers, and I’ve LOVED it!

My fabric stalking¬†freaking trekking wouldn’t be complete without driving out to West L.A. to visit Mood Fabrics. Project Runway made Mood New York famous to those of us who don’t have these kind of options readily available. Plus, I have a friend that recently visited Mood New York and I have to say I was pretty green with envy, (love ya, Cookie!). So, here was my chance! I don’t know what I¬†really expected, but this is what I discovered: if you are looking to shop like you’re at your local Joann Fabrics (which I am¬†so thankful for!), i.e., eye level, simply organized, with the basics, this isn’t the place for you. Their fabrics include many very special (think beads, silks, high end woolens, etc. Heck, think award shows!) fabrics, and if you’re looking for something special, I have no doubt you’ll find it here. They are organized by fabric types, but are on large rolls stacked many feet high up. Designers typically know what they’re looking for and must find this easier to sift through than a novice like myself. Nevertheless, it was amazing.

Mood Fabrics with a photo bomb by Crystal. That's her daughter next to her. She doesn't think we're nearly as funny as we do!

Mood Fabrics with a photo bomb by Crystal. That’s her daughter next to her. She doesn’t think we’re nearly as funny as we do!

Their button & hardware section is amazing! It’s a huge wall many feet wide and from floor to probably 7 feet high! There are a few books and notions available, but where Mood really shines is with the fabrics. I was a total tourist and only bought a few Mood branded products!

Mood Fabrics window display

Mood Fabrics window display

Thanks Mood!

Thanks Mood! This is their bag that is a great size and makes me a total Mood stalker!

Besides Mood, we also went back to downtown L.A. and visited FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) which has an awesome store front with fabric remnants for cheap and some sewn garments. Isn’t that statue in the first photo beautiful? Love it! There were other shops that specialized in Juki machines and notions and upholstery and .. and .. and .. it is enough to blow your mind!

JUKI machines shipped all over the country from this little shop

JUKI machines shipped all over the country from this little shop

So, this was my fourth (was it my 4th or 5th? Crazy how much time we spent there!) day in L.A.. And I don’t know how to tell ya, but I could do this again … interested in going with me?

More pictures to come!


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Sis-Boom-Ba-Cation 2013 Weekend!

You should see all of the outtakes! This is my sis, Crystal and I at Laguna Beach

Check out that sign! You should see all of our outtakes! This is my sis, Crystal and I at Laguna Beach.

OH-MY-GOODNESS! As you may know, I’m out west, aka ‘back home’, with my family for my nephew’s high school graduation. It’s coming up this Thursday, but I’ve come out early for some concentrated sister time.

We’ve been tearing the roads up going hither and yon, mostly to L.A. to shop the multitude of different stores in the Fabric District. In three days, we’ve gone to L.A. three times. And I still haven’t seen everything. Crystal lives here and really knows her way around, so we’re getting everywhere quickly. Wanna see some of the fun fabrics? What I wanted to do was buy fabrics that I just can’t find at my neighborhood fabric store. And boy did I! Some of it I’m now thinking was a crazy buy, and maybe you will, too!

Wanna see?

This is a slick looking silver metallic vinyl. What do would you do with this?

This is a slick looking silver metallic vinyl. This picture just doesn’t do it justice. It’s like liquid silver. What do would you do with this?

This is a burnt orange stamped vinyl. I.LOVE.THIS.!

This is a burnt orange stamped vinyl. I.LOVE.THIS.!

This is a beautiful slate voile. I have nothing like this at my neighborhood fabric store

This is a beautiful slate voile. I have nothing like this at my neighborhood fabric store. It is so light and airy. 3 yards, please!

3 yards of a border fabric. I can't wait to try this out!

3 yards of a border fabric by Maze Design & Textiles. It feels like a cotton poly, but it also has a STRETCH to it. I can’t wait to try this out!

Have you seen the Threads Magazine, Issue 165, March 2013, with the border fabric dress on the cover? It is ah-mazing. Check it out here. This particular issue also lists out tons of the great shops in and around Los Angeles.

And last, but definitely not least, check THIS out…

This is me with Stanley Hudson from last season's Project Runway! He told me a

This is me with Stanley Hudson from last season’s Project Runway!

What a fun surprise that was – I recognized him immediately! We chatted for just a moment and he shared a little something about an upcoming season. I love this show! He was very gracious and was exactly like he was on the show.

Speaking of sewing, (I was, wasn’t I?) did I tell you about the christening dress a friend asked me to make for her grand-daughter… out of her wedding dress??!! YIKES! I even brought it with me on this trip to make a muslin first. I’ve not really sewn garments in years, so I wanted to make a muslin of it first. Crystal has sewn lots more garments in the past few years than I have and I’m just not remembering some of the techniques. She’s been SO helpful. I’ve finished the muslin and tried it on a friend of my sister’s daughter. It was perfect. The next step is to cut into the wedding dress! (Can I just say YIKES! one more time!)

But right now we’re getting ready to head off to the beach this shortly – like in 30 minutes! So I have to go shower!!

Having fun here and can’t wait to share more with you later. Hope your week is half as fun as mine!


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Sis-Boom-Ba-cation 2013

I know, I know, it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me, but it isn’t because I’ve been slacking. I’ve been busy, ya’ll! I want to tell you all about it, and I will, just not today.

Today is when I tell you I’m ‘back home’ in California! Yay! My brother and sister and their families still live here in Southern California and my nephew is graduating from high school next week. My dad is driving across country with his bride to join us sometime in the next few days. So, it’ll be a family reunion and it’s already great. My sister and I have way too much fun together and getting here a week before the graduation ensures loads of eating, shopping, laughing, talking, and at least a couple of projects.

So, I’m going to get you up to date on what has happened since I landed 28 hours ago.

DAY #1: When I landed at LAX, I was waiting at baggage claim and look who I saw! Do you know this guy?

John Ratzenberger and I at Baggage Claim LAX

John Ratzenberger and I at Baggage Claim LAX

He was so nice! Funny thing, though, after he had his valet take our picture, he said, ‘Oh, I forgot to ask, how’s my hair?’. The funniest thing about this is my husband asks me that question all of the time. You see, he¬†still loves the movie, “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”.

My brother picked me up and we drove to meet my sister for dinner, my brother went home to his family and Crystal had a surprise planned for us. Something I’ve never even heard of before, but know that I can’t wait to go again. A Foot Soak Salon! Have you ever heard of it? It was¬† Ahhh-mazing, folks! I even had my ears massaged! No, I am NOT lying and I DID enjoy it. After flying and traveling all day, it was just what I needed.

Afterward we came back to my sister’s place, had a glass or so of wine and talked, laughed, and caught up. Then a few hours of rest before this morning began.

DAY #2:¬†This morning started with Crys making and packing some juices for us to take to the L.A. Fabric District! If you’ve ever wondered about a juicing fast, check out her blog diary on 30 days of a juice fast. It’s really helpful, insightful, and will help you through it if you go through it yourself. Check it out here.

A juicy morning.

A juicy morning.

We had breakfast, loaded up and headed out. Most of our day was spent at Michael Levine’s fabric store and upholstery store, which are across the street from one another. Folks, this was mind boggling and an exercise in restraint. So much to see (and buy!). At the upholstery store, we ran into a camera crew filming a show! Something similar to Project Runway, she said. I’m going to look in to it and see if I can find out what it was.

When we got hungry, we took a break right outside on the street. The whole district is full of food vendors selling Bacon Hot Dogs… (don’t judge me).

Bacon Hot Dogs

We left downtown before traffic got too bad and stopped at IKEA (the one I live closest to is 5 hours away!), stopped at 85 Degree Bakery, which is a beautiful Korean Bakery. You’re given a tray with your own tongs, and begin to help yourself. ¬†Beautiful, beautiful things.

85Degree Bakery

85 Degree Bakery goodness

From there we went to get our much needed pedicures! Poor feet, we so mistreat them when we are together (but we gotta go places, ya’ll!). I decided to go outside my comfort zone and didn’t get pink or red, but periwinkle blue! So cute! I wear jeans a lot and this will be perfect!

We made another stop at Nekter and got something I’ve never had before. We both got a ¬†Pitaya Bowl… The taste is so good, the color was a brilliant fuschia color, and it’s good for you, too! Pitatya is what they call a Super Food.

Then? Well, then we drug our tired selves back home, showered, and we’re dog tired. DOG TIRED, I tell ya! I’m catching up with you and then I’m going to finish my refreshing drink and I’m taking this girl to bed!

Tomorrow? Well, would you believe we’re going back to the LA Fabric District?! Different shops – mostly (Crystal didn’t get that one fabulous knit and we gotta stop there, too). I’ll tell you all about it soon, right now we gotta run – we only have a few days of sister vacation left …

See ya!

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An Homage on Mother’s Day

I don’t have Mom around anymore, and Mother’s Day is sometimes tough. Today, though, I’m going to ask you to hang with me, and I hope to share a little of my mom with you.

I am not a motherless daughter. I am my mother’s daughter. If there’s something you want to do or try, then do it. The only failure is in not trying at all. Cricket (my dad’s nickname for her) practiced this for herself and she encouraged her three kids to have the courage to do the same.

Mom was different from everyone else in her family. She wasn’t fearless, but she didn’t let fear hold her back from trying new things/learning new things/doing whatever/going wherever. Don’t misunderstand me, she wasn’t always like that, but when she wasn’t, she faked it. (I didn’t know that until I got older.) Lucky for my sister and I, sometimes one of us would get the benefits of tagging along to what we could categorize as the most boring trip ever – a great breakfast or lunch, or some treat, usually chocolate, before heading home.

I believe that it’s both good and important to live out life with others. To create and shop and brainstorm new ideas. Plus, it’s just a whole lot more fun with others. Sure, I do find myself alone a lot of the time, I’m an empty-nester, but my best memories are when I’m with my sister, my daughter, my near-daughters, or so many of the other amazing women I know.

So let me encourage you. Do something. Something Fun. Something new. Something challenging. And take someone with you. Even if it’s just into your kitchen or folding your clothes on your couch. Maybe someone a little younger or older, a little more shy, a little less likely to do things on her own. Do. Talk. And laugh.

Mother’s Day is hard for some of us: we’ve lost our moms, or our babies, or who knows what in between. That’s hard and I’m so sorry, and I can’t change that for you or for me. I can encourage you, though, that you will be your best when you’re loving others.

And whether you’re a mother or not, I wish you a very happy day, and maybe just a little strawberry shortcake – my mom’s favorite!

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Hexi Bag Holder Giveaway!

Giveaway Day!!

I’ve worn my bag holder out, ya’ll! Sad, stretched out and embarrassed … ahem, I’m still talking about the bag holder!! Anyway, I thought I’d make one for myself, but I’ve made ¬†one to give away first ’cause I can’t be the only one out there that needs a pretty new bag holder! It’s GIVEAWAY DAY over at Sew Mama Sew and you should check it out! I’ve listed below how I made mine, and what my old one looks like. But, first, here’s the one I made just yesterday, just for you! So pretty, with a lining and line of pretty little hexies.


Congratulations to Charlotte Lunsford! You’ve won the Hexi Bag Holder! Thank you to everyone who participated and I hope to see you again soon!

Cute, huh? If you’d like me to send this bag to you, all you need to do write in the comments below what your favorite thing to make is. It doesn’t have to be sewing. But be specific! Even if you haven’t made it before, what would you make if you could? This giveaway is open to everyone, and just so you know, there’ll be a little surprise inside! A little something to get you started, wink wink. A winner will be chosen randomly by a third party. Also, you don’t have to, but I would love it if you’d follow me. I’m just starting out this year and would love the company! The giveaway is open until May 10th and I’ll announce that evening who won! Make sure you leave your e-mail address if you are a no-reply link. Good luck!

Below you’ll see my old one and how I made the new one:


You can’t even tell which end is which, except for the loop to hang it. I keep it in my pantry and don’t look at it too often. Obviously. So, it’s time to make a new one.

Let’s do it!

  1. Linen, lightweight fusible, and lightweight cotton lining. Cut 18″x18″. Scrap fabric 8″x2″ for hanging tab.
  2. Fuse together Pellon to cotton lining, Sewed together lining to linen, right sides together leaving 3″ opening.
  3. Trim each of the four corners at an angle, which allows for crisper points at the corners.
  4. Turn right side out, use something like a large knitting needle to bring corners to a point, being careful to not poke a hole. Press. Don’t worry about the unsewn area, it will be stitched down in the hemming.
  5. NOTE: At this point I added my embellishment before stitching together. I added hand-stitched together hexies. I sewed around the edges all the way around and then stitched an outline all around the edge.
  6. Press each end a 5/8″ hem (depending on your elastic width. Sew opposite sides together, right sides together. Sew pressed sides to accommodate the opening for elastic, leaving a 3″ opening for each.
  7. I used a leftover elastic, leaving full length to test how much I wanted the opening to be. Pin a safety pin on the end of the elastic and thread through the opening. I started near the side of the hemmed side, it’s easier to start at that side rather than end there, otherwise ¬†it’s tough to get it through the inside seam allowance.
  8. Stitch together the elastic when it’s as tight as ¬†you want. Clip remaining length.
  9. Stitch down each side’s opening.
  10. For tab, press a 1/4″ on short sides, press long sides together in half, open and take sides to center press mark, press, and finally fold together again and press. Stitch all four sides down. Fold in half and stitch to the back of the bag holder.

Whew! That’s the first time I’ve ever written down how I made something! First tutorial? Well, more like written instructions . . . If anyone wants to make one and has any questions, let me know if you need any clarification, I’m happy to help.

Don’t forget to visit Sew Mama Sew and see all of the other great bloggers and giveaways! Have a great week!

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