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Author Archives: Terry

Thursday Morning

my morning                                                                                                           … Continue reading »

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A Washi Parfait

Make your own yogurt parfait to go. But first: I have a confession, I have not been a fan of neither smoothies nor yogurt parfaits … I know! Crazy! I have no explanation except that I’ve read over and over that you don’t drink your calories and though I like yogurt, I’ve never found it … Continue reading »

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Cutting up a wedding dress

No, this is not about an angry ex-wife. This is about a wonderful friend, happy and married for thirty something years. She loves her family like crazy and adores her grandchildren. This friend of mine, she had this idea … and it included me!  She asked me to do something that she knew would stretch … Continue reading »

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Patchwork, Please! Yum Yum Apple Bib

I’m a big fan of Zakka style projects, from home decor to crafts to clothing. One of the Zakka style books I have is Patchwork, Please! It has wonderful projects to sew and just about a week and a half ago I discovered a sew-along going on for this book. LRStitched is hosting it and … Continue reading »

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Sis-Boom-Ba-Cation 2013: A Photo Finish

I was in L.A. 9 days. I’d been looking forward to them, needing them, and I know they’d fly by. And fly by they did. Rather than try and write and recapture everything, I hope you enjoy, instead, pictures of where I went, what I did. I’m so thankful for my brother that made this trip … Continue reading »

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Sis-Boom-Ba-Cation 2013: More Fabric District and getting just a little Mood-y

UPDATE: I actually finished my trip to Cali but have been so busy that I waited until I was back home to finish my posts. Gosh, this trip was so much fun  … I love competition shows. Shows like Chopped, Master Chef, and Project Runway. I live vicariously through the competitors. So f you have … Continue reading »

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Sis-Boom-Ba-Cation 2013 Weekend!

OH-MY-GOODNESS! As you may know, I’m out west, aka ‘back home’, with my family for my nephew’s high school graduation. It’s coming up this Thursday, but I’ve come out early for some concentrated sister time. We’ve been tearing the roads up going hither and yon, mostly to L.A. to shop the multitude of different stores … Continue reading »

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Sis-Boom-Ba-cation 2013

I know, I know, it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me, but it isn’t because I’ve been slacking. I’ve been busy, ya’ll! I want to tell you all about it, and I will, just not today. Today is when I tell you I’m ‘back home’ in California! Yay! My brother and sister and … Continue reading »

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An Homage on Mother’s Day

I don’t have Mom around anymore, and Mother’s Day is sometimes tough. Today, though, I’m going to ask you to hang with me, and I hope to share a little of my mom with you. I am not a motherless daughter. I am my mother’s daughter. If there’s something you want to do or try, … Continue reading »

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Hexi Bag Holder Giveaway!

I’ve worn my bag holder out, ya’ll! Sad, stretched out and embarrassed … ahem, I’m still talking about the bag holder!! Anyway, I thought I’d make one for myself, but I’ve made  one to give away first ’cause I can’t be the only one out there that needs a pretty new bag holder! It’s GIVEAWAY … Continue reading »

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