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Celebrating the next Mrs. K

Posted by on July 8, 2014

I’m going to be a mother! -in-law (again). This time to a daughter (-in-law)!

Our son married in early June. His bride is a sweetheart. They’ve been together for a number of years now, she is already a part of our family, and very loved. So, when they became engaged I looked forward to the parties and celebrations. Beginning with the Bridal Shower.

Now this bridal shower has already happened. Heck, the wedding happened, too, and I’m already recovered. My spring has been so busy that I had to let some things go. So here’s a recap, beginning with the shower:

I have to tell you, she had to be talked in to letting someone throw her a bridal shower.


This is the girl who is loves doing things for others: sending cards, doing special things, you know, going the extra mile … just because she cares. She didn’t think she wanted a shower. Fortunately, one of the bridesmaids twisted her arm a bit and it was settled.

I was thrilled to be asked if it could be in our home. YES!

My husband and I emptied our family room of the furniture and moved in tables and chairs for the guests, as well as tables for the food. We’ve had so many parties in this room. It’s a bit rustic – white walls and floors with  an open rafter ceiling and it just feels good.

Family Room Rafters and Birds

The tree branch gets decorated with birds in the spring and summer

We decided on a brunch and had a bit of a winery theme as the wedding and reception, both, will be at wineries. I set up the room with the tables and chairs (ahem, Wayne played a major role in that) and volunteered to do the menu and cooking (my preference). A couple of the bridesmaids took the lead on the decorations and a mimosa bar.

Let me show you

Bridal Shower

It was a brunch buffet

This is Rachel Ray's Mostly Meat Cobb Salad. DELICIOUS.

This is Rachel Ray’s Mostly Meat Cobb Salad. DELICIOUS.

I was so happy I served the blue cheese on the side, the guest of honor is allergic to blue cheese! I didn’t know! (plus, expectant ladies don’t eat certain types of cheese). The fruit kabobs were delicious and so pretty. Did you see that giant wine glass filled with donut holes?


Orange Muffins

 Making these muffins with freshly squeezed orange juice makes all the difference.


Yoghurt Parfaits.

These little parfaits are one of my favorite things! I keep these little jars around for parties for just this type of thing. You make these the night before and just set them out the morning of. They’re healthy and so good. If there are leftovers, they keep in the fridge for days!



I used whatever I could to give the tables a rustic flavor. I’m using an old milk carton to give height to the parfaits and an antique chenille quilt for a table cloth.

The morning of the party I still hadn’t made little sign for the dishes. I had left over labels that I stamped with an engagement ring stamp and wrote the dish name on it. I’d cut a slit in corks and glued them in, sliced the bottom of the cork so it’d lay flat. Ta-Da!


I made glitter handled spoons with engagement ring tags and a talented friend made the cookies for the guests to take home.

There was a wonderful game, He Said/She Said where we had to guess who said the given quote (terribly sweet!) and then a sheet where the guests could write sweet wishes for the couple. As party favors, I ordered these beautiful cookies from a friend and I made the glitter handled wooden spoons. I got the tutorial from the Something Turquoise blog. You can find the tutorial here. They were so beautiful. Sorry, this table setting photo just doesn’t capture it. (It does, however, capture how I didn’t press this table cloth!!)

And then it was gift opening time! And you know the saying is that you have as many children as broken ribbons for your bridal shower? Let me just say that if you register someplace that has tulle as ribbon, breaking ribbons isn’t easy!


This ribbon will NOT break!


There’s more than one way to “break” that ribbon!

It was a wonderful morning filled with laughter and we all got to show the bride how loved she is.

And the celebrating isn’t over yet. There are still a couple more parties that have to happen. The rehearsal dinner and the WEDDING!


 I think she’s ready!

I can’t wait to tell you about the Rehearsal Dinner. SO.MUCH.FUN!

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  1. Star

    Just realizing you were doing white before it was trendy-typical Terry-ahead of the curve!

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