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My living Snow Globe plus a Giveaway!

Posted by on December 9, 2013

We have a winner!  Congratulations to Raina for winning the Burlap Christmas Stocking and bunting!!

My favorite gifts are the handmade ornaments my kiddos make each and every year in school.

We had comments from all over the globe with wonderful memories of Christmas pasts (and some good ideas for Christmas future, eh?). Again, thanks to everyone for participating. I wish I could tell you face-to-face how much I enjoyed this giveaway and your memories. It was great.


I have friends who lament all summer about the heat and wanting scarf weather. Well, summer is over and we are in the midst of a white winter here in the middle of the U.S. It started on Thursday with snow coming down in a blizzard-y fashion that evening and continuing for 24 hours. The result was a beautiful snow globe of a world that kept us off the roads (hopefully, as the roads were treacherous). Schools closed. Businesses closed. Even MY workplace closed! So, my day was spent making sure animals were taken care of and our sidewalks were clear. In the midst, I  a wonderful cup of hot cocoa with homemade marshmallows. YUM.

Here are a few shots of what it meant for us here in southern Illinois the next morning:


This is my back yard, where you can see through the woods and up the hill. This is the ONLY time you can see through the woods!

A snowy gate into my garden

The door to our screened room belonged to my husband's grandmother. It was a joy to install it. The snow blew through the screen into the room. It's now my large walk-in freezer!

Can you see the bird tracks? It's like it said, "Uh, no thank you!"

One of our beautiful large pines that is a windbreak to our home

One way in. One way out.

This is the day after the snow had fallen. It drifted in many places, so the depth was surprise at every step


Are you still with me?

I want you to check out the Giveaway I’m participating in over at Sew Mama Sew! This event is AH-MAZING!

This is in the Handmade Category and I’ve made a burlap Christmas Stocking (or sock as some call it) with a velvety gold cuff. It’s lined with a muslin cotton and embellished with a pretty gold bow with a little bling. Inside, you’ll find that I’ve added a burlap bunting that reads Merry Christmas in red. You may even find a peppermint stick with other Christmas treats inside!


A beautiful Burlap Christmas Stocking and a Merry Christmas Bunting


Waddya think? It’s full size, measuring 14″ from cuff to heel. It will hold all kinds of goodies! The Merry Christmas bunting is 64″ from “M” to “S”. I hope you like them, I do!

To win, tell me, what is your favorite-est gift you’ve ever gotten in your stocking? Are stockings even part of your tradition? You don’t have to be a follower, but if you are, enter a second comment letting me know and that’ll count as a second entry. The giveaway ends on December 13th at 5 p.m. I’ll contact the winner and have it sent out soon thereafter. I am willing to ship internationally for this giveaway, however, I can’t promise it’ll get there by December 25th if an international winner is selected.

Also, make sure you head over to Sew Mama Sew and check out the other giveaways. It will truly make your head spin!!

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you stopping by and visiting.

Merry Almost Christmas!


118 Responses to My living Snow Globe plus a Giveaway!

  1. Life on a Dirt Road

    My favorite gift is a Roxanne thimble. :) Send some of that snow over to Michigan. We just have a dusting.

    • Terry

      I have a feeling it’s gonna be a banner year for snow. That’s what the Farmers’ Almanac says, anyway. We’ll see. Good thing I have lots of chocolate . . .

    • Kim Baskin

      We hang stockings. And this year my two granddaughters wore them around the house like regular socks! They didn’t understand that we hang them up and fill them with candy & toys!

  2. Tania

    We don’t usually fill stockings as part of our tradition but someone gave me one full of chocolate once, favorite!

  3. Heather

    I love the bunting and the stocking. Our stockings are filled with fruit, some candy and usually a new toothbrush and toothpaste.

  4. Amber Murray

    The only thing that was in my stocking was candy and an orange. I do love me some candy so it is okay.

  5. Liz

    Very pretty! Stay warm!!

  6. Liz

    Oh, we got oranges and nuts in our stockings as kids.

  7. Terri

    Stockings are part of our tradition. We love them. My favorite gift would have to be a handwritten Christmas card from my 9 year old. : )

  8. mattie st. aubin

    I love your stocking so much! My favorite gift I’ve ever gotten in my stocking would have to be walnuts. We go to my grandma’s house for Christmas every year, and when we were young she always stuffed our stockings with treats, an orange, and nuts. The walnuts were something I always loved, especially because we got to use the nut cracker to open them up. It’s fun to see the tradition continue with all of the 14 (and counting) great grandkids she now has.

    • Terry

      One of my favorite Christmas-time memories is my dad and I cracking nuts for my mom to bake cakes. She had to watch us carefully, we ate as many as we cracked!

  9. Mary Ann

    I love our stockings. My husband and I got huge ones and filling them is always an adventure.

  10. Raina DelRio

    My favorite gifts are the handmade ornaments my kiddos make each and every year in school.

  11. Raina DelRio

    I subscribe via e-mail

  12. ikkinlala

    Stockings are definitely part of our tradition. I think my favourite stocking gift was a block of Parmesan cheese (the good kind that I can’t usually afford). Yeah, my family’s a bit odd sometimes.

  13. Stephanie @ Quarter Incher

    The best thing I’ve found in my stocking is gift cards!

  14. Laura

    My grandma always slips small gifts from around the world into my stockings after she travels. Those are my favorite!

  15. Bobbie

    Stockings are my job-i stuff them so full that we have to set a large gift bag next to them -they are my favorite things!

    • Terry

      Mine, too! That’s why important to make a stocking strong enough to hold all the loot! We usually take them off the hanger and prop them next to the fireplace because we get a little carried away. Every year. :)

  16. Lesley

    My favorite gift that I got in my stocking was some amazing lip balm that took care of my super dry lips right away. I haven’t been able to find it again. :(

  17. Lindsay

    Mom used to get snack pack puddings and put some in our stockings. We loved it! It was a cheap way to take up a lot of stocking space for her. :) Some of the fav things I have given my kids include bubble bath and jerky.

  18. Sonja

    We hang stockings every year for the kids but the hubby and I never have one. We always fill the kids stockings with candies, a movie, and gift cards.

    • Terry

      Well, that won’t do! I remember the Christmas Eve my husband thought I had gotten stocking stuffers for myself. I had not. I got cute little ankle high booties crammed into my stocking that year – ha! I highly encourage you to begin this year!

  19. Amanda

    I love getting chocolate in my stocking, haha!

  20. kathyh

    Chocolate in the stocking might be my favorite. We have a tradition of scratch-off tickets in our stockings on Christmas morning.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. connandvansmom Tammy

    I am a new follower via Bloglovin. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  22. Irene

    We don’t get presents in stockings in Spain but I still have a stocking banner to decorate my living room. Thanks for the giveaway

  23. connandvansmom

    My Mom used to put mint candies, nuts and fruit in our stocking each year. I [put small goodies, chap sticks and gift cards or trading cards n my kids stockings along with chocolate candies . conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  24. star taylor

    every year we seem to get toothbrushes in our stockings from my in-laws and i love it!

  25. clumsykristel

    We do do stockings in my family, even though all us kids are in our 30s. My sister and I were laughing a few years ago about still getting stockings with candy and socks and toothbrushes and soap and all of those kinds of things even though we’re well past the age we should need to get them (somehow it feels like it should be more for kids!), so we decided to make stockings for our parents (who never did make them for each other). Our parents were so surprised and happy that we’ve kept it up since. (And this year our Grandma, who is 95, will be coming out to our place for Christmas for the first time in years and years, so we’re making one for her to.)

    Anyway, tldr, eh? 😀

    My favourite thing to get in my stocking used to be the Christmas “book” of Lifesaver packets – when I was a kid, my mom would include one every year. The first year she didn’t include one was just bizarre and kind of wrong feeling! What a strange thing to miss, eh? I don’t even really LIKE Lifesavers, but just like the toothbrush, it’s tradition.

    • Terry

      Everyone in our family gets a stocking, from the oldest to the youngest. It’s something we all look forward to and that is how we being our Christmas morning. Thanks for sharing your story. I loved it!

  26. DarnHeather

    I love stockings. I’ve gotten all sorts of fun things from birthday rings to football tickets. My email is hlkinser at yahoo dot com

  27. Wehaf

    When I was a kid, at the very bottom of our stockings we would each find a $1 coin – I loved that!

  28. BreannaS

    I am a new blog follower.

  29. BreannaS

    I love getting nutcrackers in my stocking every year.

  30. EG

    It’s darling!

    I don’t know my favorite stocking gift, but I do love it as part of the tradition. My husband and I go to Target somewhat at the last minute for stocking stuffers. And no matter where we’re doing Christmas, we open stockings with just the 4 of us.

  31. Deborah

    All the chocolate!

    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com
    Pink Scissors Design on Etsy

  32. mommalovescookin

    My favorite thing I ever receive as a child, were JUMBO apples and oranges, and Lifesaver books! As an adult, season tickets to the St. Louis Muny a few years ago took top spot! I love your blog, and you! The stocking and bunting are awesome! Christina

    • Terry

      Aww, thanks, Christina! I remember my dad teaching me how to peel and section oranges when I was a little girl. We always had lots of oranges and walnuts in bowls. Someone else also mentioned Lifesaver books … I had forgotten all about those! I don’t think I ever got one, but I admired them and thought they were so special! Thanks for the sweet comments. :)

  33. mommalovescookin

    Also, I am a follower 😉

  34. calikisses

    Stockings are definitely part of the tradition. I handmade everyone stockings last year :)
    The best gift I probably received is actually Safeway Gift cards. That may seem strange but it was when I was a starving college student, and they made life so much easier during that time because I knew I would never be hungry :)

    • Terry

      My family all have handmade stockings, too … everyone but me! Can you believe it?? I decided I would make myself one this year. I grew up in SoCal and remember Safeway very well. My sibs still live out there. Plus, as I live in a college town, I know you’re speaking truth about the starving college students. For years we’ve had an open house on Christmas Eve and invited college students over who didn’t have family nearby.

  35. crystalbluern

    I got the prettiest vintage embroidery set in a wooden box from my husband this year (early). As I child I always wanted an orange and nuts in my stocking. Merry Christmas. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

    • Terry

      Oooh, the idea of a vintage embroidery set in a wooden box in my stocking would be SO exciting. Love that!

  36. Vivian

    I think it’s fantastic. A little bit elegant and a little bit homey. Perfect.

    Stay safe!

  37. DeborahGun

    these are so pretty. My favourite stocking gift was a little elephant ornament. Stockings are definitely part of my family tradition :-)

    • Terry

      Our tree is a combination of old and new ornaments. Not like the lovely single color decorated trees in the magazines, but very special to us. We, too, have a lovely white pearl painted elephant that I just hung a few days ago. :)

  38. DeborahGun

    I am now an email follower!

  39. Melody

    My favorite stocking stuffer was the hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works. I got 3 in different scents and now they’re my go-to when I need more!


  40. --anu

    Last year I got a cures Spanish chorizo in my stocking :) I loved it since it was exactly the kind I like and noone in my family likes it :) And I have hinted heavily that I would love to get one again this year. We always have something to eat and something to read in the stocking. I have gotten some interesting books and magazines over the years :)

  41. Sasha

    We definitely have stockings, it’s a tradition my husband has introduced me to. The children get fun things, as adults we always get the same, a pen, a mug, a puzzle book, some chocolate, an orange and some nuts. Of course you have to find the funniest mug and the most unique pen, that makes it a little more entertaining!

    • Terry

      Special food in my stocking? Yes, please! I always get my mother in law a puzzle book and magazines for everyone else. I try and find the ones you don’t see in the markets. After the gifts are opened, and breakfast is eaten, everyone sits around with their reading. Thanks for your comment!

  42. raeanna

    My favorite gift left in my stocking……. I guess tradition is that I love the fere roche (sp?) candy! :)

    • Terry

      Ferrero Rocher is one of our favorites, too! Have you had the white ones? Ferrero Rocher Raffaello Coconut Almond? Delicious!


    Oh, I would love to win your giveaway. So understated yet really effective – which is what I try to go for at Christmas in this house. Your snowy pictures are just lovely – a real winter wonderland! xCathy

  44. thistlecovefarm

    Love the photo of the door/screen porch! The stocking and bunting are lovely; my favorite stocking gift is when Dave, now deceased husband, gave me pearl earrings in the toe of my stocking. Lovely, lovely memories!

  45. LeAnne L

    That stocking is so great. I get a new handpainted ornament every year from my sister. She loves the gold color and I’d gift this right back to her.

  46. Shelley C

    We never had stockings as kids, but I started them for my children and now make some for one of the families with grandkids. So, nothing special in my stocking. What a lovely stocking.

  47. Lindsay

    Embroidery scissors . . . they’ve come in so handy!

  48. Regina

    We usually do stockings and my favorite gift was chocolate.

  49. Sallie

    Lindor chocolate.

  50. Susan

    I love the bunting! I always love getting oranges and chocolate in my stocking.

  51. Susan

    I’m a follower!

  52. Rose

    Stockings here in this house too. Santa leaves lots of nice goodies for all the family including the dogs/cats and chickens

    • Terry

      Goodies for your chickens! Fun! This is our first year for chickens, our first winter, and we are enjoying them much more than we ever thought we would.

  53. Katie

    I follow via Bloglovin

  54. Katie

    Ferrero Rocher chocolates are the best thing I find in my stocking every year!

  55. Lorraine

    We were told we would have snow, but it is still dry and cold with no precipitation at all. My parents were amazing at putting small fun things in stockings, and we try to continue the tradition with our kids. My favorite thing is watching them open and explore whatever has made its way into their stockings.

  56. Amy

    Stockings are totally the best part of Christmas! We always get underwear and chocolate truffles…2 much needed items:) Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  57. Cathie

    Yup, still doing stocking for my children and grandchildre. My favorite gift ever was a quarter. Long story

  58. Megan P.

    We hang stockings! They are filled with fruit and fun toys/treats. I love getting little surprises not on my “list”, gift cards because I can never have enough to craft stores, and chocolate!

  59. Cary

    I do stockings each year. As the kids are grown and have moved away they assure me they still like stockings.

  60. Sally Christiansen

    We did not do stockings as I was growing up but I always did them for my children and had to fill my own. My girls now do them for their families. I am new to your blog, but will be following.

  61. Stephanie

    Mine was a bar of super-good organic chocolate.

  62. Leslie F.

    Stockings are my favorite! I love candy and lip gloss/chap stick.

  63. Tamie

    We still do stockings for all. They are usually small items- chocolates, etc… Thank you for participating in the giveaway day.

  64. Mara

    My mom always put an orange in our stockings, it is a tradition that I look forward too! Tell me more about your Homemade Marshmallows, yummy!

  65. Tabitha

    Emy Matuska fills our stockings with the best little items of candy, chapstick, lotion, and jewelry. I love stockings!!

  66. Lisa Marie

    Stockings were a part of our tradition when I was a little girl. I recall receiving gift cards and cash in the stocking. Christmas is now bittersweet for the Clanton clan. We lost our grandfather to cancer the week before Christmas, which also happens to be my birthday. Since that December we’ve chosen to travel and visit loved ones who don’t make it back to the Midwest.

  67. Chrissi McAdoo

    Since I’m the stocking filler at my house, I don’t usually put things in my own. However, I love love to give favorite candy, fun holiday themed small toys, crazy socks, and maybe iTunes cards!

  68. nanbon

    My best friend, my Pomeranian was placed in my stocking when he was a Christmas puppy… he is always by my side now..

  69. Jessi Severance

    My favorite gift that I receive in my stocking year after year is candy & gum… plus mom always throws in some floss to counteract all that sugar!

  70. Rose S.

    We always got oranges and nuts and a sweet or two in our stockings.

  71. Judith R

    We have never had stockings – but there is always a gift from Santa. Although my daughter is 14 years old she still “believes” in Santa because if you believe, you receive.

  72. Debbie Tepen

    we received oranges and candy canes.

  73. Sara Taylor

    The early years of our marriage we did not have a lot of money for gifts so instead we would go to Walgreens, set a limit and get stocking stuffers for each other. It is so much fun and has become a tradition that we keep 11 years later.

  74. Brianna Nordstrom

    I love this post!!!! So full of Christmas :) The stocking set at our house is designed specifically for each child (4) in the house. All of them are different colors with different pictures of Christmas characters on them. They are also all embroidered with our names at the top in a gold thread. My stocking is royal blue with bells and an angel on the front. My full name is on the stocking, which I love. I like that people call me by my nickname, but sometimes I just like the full decoration of the three syllables!

    For some reason, stockings tend to be my favorite thing to unwrap. My favorite gift that was wrapped by my velvet blue stocking was a gorgeous set of make-up brushes. They were all so clean, new, and high in quality!

    It’s a beautiful stocking you have made Terry! I particularly love the banner. It would look great in our living room 😉

  75. Brianna Nordstrom

    Also I am a follower!

  76. April in Autumn

    Lately my step-dad has been stuffing money in the toe of the stocking. Not as fun as say, silly putty, but way more useful

  77. Stephanie


  78. jayne Willis

    for me, the favorite thing is candy! really! every year, every time!

  79. vetteklisa

    Chocolate was always the best thing to find in my stocking

  80. Tatiana

    it’s not a part of my tradition but it’s often used as an ornament! We love stockings anyway! I would love to own a fireplace in order to put one or two stockings there and wait for them to fill with presents!!

  81. Erin

    My husband got me a pearl ring and put it in my stocking, it was perfect.

  82. Samantha W

    The best thing in my stocking would be candy or stickers :)


    I always loved the candy that we would get in our stocking. I ended up with my brother’s stocking because he passed away and his was more like pants in a way so it had 2 feet. I always felt like I got more that my sisters that way.

  84. Dona

    We absolutely do stockings! Even the cat has one:-) I’m amused that growing up, I was really annoyed at receiving socks in my stockings every year. Now that I’m an adult, I NEED those stocking socks! I’d say that’s my favorite stocking gift. That, and one year I got a block of my favorite Seattle cheese.

  85. Southern Gal

    Growing up we didn’t have a mantel so no stocking traditions. I do leave DVD’s and candy in my kids stockings.

  86. Melissa Palmer

    Our stockings were always filled with candy :)
    Thanks for the chance!
    mjp_0419 at yahoo dot com

  87. Melissa Palmer

    New follower via email

    mjp_0419 at yahoo dot com

  88. Heidi

    I used to absolutely love getting pez dispensers in my stocking. Stokings are a huge deal at my house. As an adult I love finding lipbalms + crochet hooks :)

  89. Kim

    As a child, candy was the favorite thing to receive in my stocking. For my kids (who are now grown) I have always given them snack pack pudding in their stockings. They look forward to it every year! (one would think you can’t buy it just anywhere haha) Thanks for the chance!

  90. Maureen Hayes

    I’m actually tearing up a little trying to answer this because the stocking has always been my favorite part of Christmas as far the gift part of things. In my family we were allowed to go and get our stocking before our parents got up, and my sister and I would grab ours and head back into bed and open them together. My mom wrapped each item in it (probably to make it take more time so they could sleep. . .) and I remember the life saver book, the nail files, the comb and of course the chocolate! This is my first year all alone for the holidays. I had to put mom into a nursing home this spring, so I will not have a stocking for the very first time and it makes me sad.

    Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful one handmade by you!! I think it is such a lovely and thoughtful idea.

  91. Crystal

    Chocolate….always chocolate 😀

  92. Julie @ Intrepid Twins

    Beautiful stocking- classy and rustic! We have a tradition of always putting a clementine in the toe of the stocking (whoops, I mean Santa does!), thanks for the fab giveaway!

  93. KeriAnn

    We always got a Hallmark ornament in our stocking!

  94. kathy h

    I found a fancy hand carved seam ripper in my stocking.

  95. Ariadne

    We do decorate with stockings but we don’t really put presents in them. We hang them on trees or doorknobs.

  96. Nancy D

    Love your stocking! Probably the best gift I found in my stocking was a pair of diamond earrings. I was extra good that year :)

  97. Rebecca T

    A pair of knot mittens from my cousin. I still wear them 15 years later!

  98. Kim Stewart

    Best thing in my stocking has been sparkly jewelry;)

  99. marilyntucker

    My favorite stocking stuffer was my virtual pet. Thanks for the chance to win.

  100. maggielou

    Love that stocking and our tradition is to have stockings but they are filled with fresh fruits and nuts on Christmas morning.

  101. Emme

    I love getting legos in my stocking, i would love a new handmade one!

  102. Jessica Kuszmaul

    We get an orange every year and honestly its my fav…for sentimental reasons and just knowing its going to be in the stocking!!

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