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Muscadine Grapes

Posted by on October 3, 2013

Muscadine Grapes

A taste of home from long ago … sweet and special. Not so easily available anymore. The distance is far not only in memory but in miles.

We all have memories of eating something that causes us to pause and remember.

So often they are of a dish made by a long gone grandmother or a special taste of a sweet vacation that isn’t so easily recaptured.

Our world has grown smaller and we have become one large melting pot.


There are those few things that continue to elude. and we long for them in a quiet moment of reflection.

I remember when I was in grade school in the south, when summer was approaching and we began having Friday lunches in brown sacks outside in the grass. What a treat! And there were these peanut butter sandwiches. Yep. Peanut butter.

However, they weren’t only peanut butter. I’ve experimented and come close. But not quite.¬†Was it the sandwich or is it the memory?

I remember walking into the nearest Whole Foods Market (which isn’t a frequent or easy thing, for we’ve moved out of the city and the nearest one is 2 hours away!) and making the accidental discovery.

Muscadine Grapes!


They have such a short season. I don’t know how they’ve managed to grow them on a large scale.

Have you ever tasted one? They’re unlike any other grape. The closest I can describe is the concord grape, which is my second favorite.

They are a southern grape and they grew wild in northern Georgia where I lived as a young girl. And, I haven’t had them … since I was a young girl.

It was one of the rare moments I’ve been able to relive my youth.

And it was delicious!

Beautiful purple deliciousness

Beautiful purple deliciousness

I hope you have the chance to try them. The skin is a bit tart. There are seeds.

BUT the fruit on the inside? Heavenly.



2 Responses to Muscadine Grapes

  1. Dawn

    What beautiful memories can come from simple food.

    And I remember looking for Muscadine grapes for you when I was in school. Too bad I didn’t find them as I would have bought some for myself as well.

    • Terry

      I had forgotten that! These are obviously near the season’s end. Hopefully I’ll get them earlier next year. If I do, you’ll have to head over for a taste test.

      I have such sweet memories that includes family recipes, regional favorites, and special moments. I hold them dear.

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