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Patchwork, Please! Yum Yum Apple Bib

Posted by on July 13, 2013

I’m a big fan of Zakka style projects, from home decor to crafts to clothing. One of the Zakka style books I have is Patchwork, Please! It has wonderful projects to sew and just about a week and a half ago I discovered a sew-along going on for this book. LRStitched is hosting it and has gone through the “for the kitchen” already and has moved on to “for kids”. Now I don’t have babies or toddlers anymore, but I have two beautiful little grandsons, 1 and nearly 3. I’m also mother-esque to many more beyond my own two, and many of them have children.

SO, I have lots of opportunities to need a little something to give away …  and this Yum Yum Apple Bib is one I think lots of mommies would like.


The instructions in the book are easy to follow, and there’s a great section for ‘Techniques’, that’s super helpful. I made a couple of changes, like for the leaf, which is three pieces, I sewed one down onto the bib, and the other, which is double-sided, is only sewn in the middle, so it’s a little ‘floppy’, like a real leaf might be. It also called for a piece of fabric that you make into the binding, which is also the bib tie, but I went the lazy easy way and bought 1/4″ binding.

In selecting the fabrics, the gingham on the bottom and the dotted swiss on the top (there’s a bit of a ruffly texture to it) are vintage fabrics I bought at a yard sale. the seeds and leaf fabrics, the center of the apple, as well as the tips of the tie, are all fabrics I already had on hand. It is backed with a flannel, perfect to be up against a bare chested toddler enjoying watermelon, ice cream, an apple!

It was easy peasy to make, but can you identify something a little ‘off’ about it? I noticed it when it was finished. If you can’t, I’m not telling!

Perfection is over-rated!

Have a great rest of your weekend, I have a ton more sewing and gardening to do!

4 Responses to Patchwork, Please! Yum Yum Apple Bib

  1. LubbyGirl

    Looks perfect to me – don’t see the flaw, then it’s not there is my motto! 😆

  2. Star taylor

    I think yours is even better then the example- so sweet!

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