Sis-Boom-Ba-cation 2013

I know, I know, it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me, but it isn’t because I’ve been slacking. I’ve been busy, ya’ll! I want to tell you all about it, and I will, just not today.

Today is when I tell you I’m ‘back home’ in California! Yay! My brother and sister and their families still live here in Southern California and my nephew is graduating from high school next week. My dad is driving across country with his bride to join us sometime in the next few days. So, it’ll be a family reunion and it’s already great. My sister and I have way too much fun together and getting here a week before the graduation ensures loads of eating, shopping, laughing, talking, and at least a couple of projects.

So, I’m going to get you up to date on what has happened since I landed 28 hours ago.

DAY #1: When I landed at LAX, I was waiting at baggage claim and look who I saw! Do you know this guy?

John Ratzenberger and I at Baggage Claim LAX

John Ratzenberger and I at Baggage Claim LAX

He was so nice! Funny thing, though, after he had his valet take our picture, he said, ‘Oh, I forgot to ask, how’s my hair?’. The funniest thing about this is my husband asks me that question all of the time. You see, he still loves the movie, “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”.

My brother picked me up and we drove to meet my sister for dinner, my brother went home to his family and Crystal had a surprise planned for us. Something I’ve never even heard of before, but know that I can’t wait to go again. A Foot Soak Salon! Have you ever heard of it? It was  Ahhh-mazing, folks! I even had my ears massaged! No, I am NOT lying and I DID enjoy it. After flying and traveling all day, it was just what I needed.

Afterward we came back to my sister’s place, had a glass or so of wine and talked, laughed, and caught up. Then a few hours of rest before this morning began.

DAY #2: This morning started with Crys making and packing some juices for us to take to the L.A. Fabric District! If you’ve ever wondered about a juicing fast, check out her blog diary on 30 days of a juice fast. It’s really helpful, insightful, and will help you through it if you go through it yourself. Check it out here.

A juicy morning.

A juicy morning.

We had breakfast, loaded up and headed out. Most of our day was spent at Michael Levine’s fabric store and upholstery store, which are across the street from one another. Folks, this was mind boggling and an exercise in restraint. So much to see (and buy!). At the upholstery store, we ran into a camera crew filming a show! Something similar to Project Runway, she said. I’m going to look in to it and see if I can find out what it was.

When we got hungry, we took a break right outside on the street. The whole district is full of food vendors selling Bacon Hot Dogs… (don’t judge me).

Bacon Hot Dogs

We left downtown before traffic got too bad and stopped at IKEA (the one I live closest to is 5 hours away!), stopped at 85 Degree Bakery, which is a beautiful Korean Bakery. You’re given a tray with your own tongs, and begin to help yourself.  Beautiful, beautiful things.

85Degree Bakery

85 Degree Bakery goodness

From there we went to get our much needed pedicures! Poor feet, we so mistreat them when we are together (but we gotta go places, ya’ll!). I decided to go outside my comfort zone and didn’t get pink or red, but periwinkle blue! So cute! I wear jeans a lot and this will be perfect!

We made another stop at Nekter and got something I’ve never had before. We both got a  Pitaya Bowl… The taste is so good, the color was a brilliant fuschia color, and it’s good for you, too! Pitatya is what they call a Super Food.

Then? Well, then we drug our tired selves back home, showered, and we’re dog tired. DOG TIRED, I tell ya! I’m catching up with you and then I’m going to finish my refreshing drink and I’m taking this girl to bed!

Tomorrow? Well, would you believe we’re going back to the LA Fabric District?! Different shops – mostly (Crystal didn’t get that one fabulous knit and we gotta stop there, too). I’ll tell you all about it soon, right now we gotta run – we only have a few days of sister vacation left …

See ya!

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