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Hexi Bag Holder Giveaway!

Posted by on May 6, 2013

Giveaway Day!!

I’ve worn my bag holder out, ya’ll! Sad, stretched out and embarrassed … ahem, I’m still talking about the bag holder!! Anyway, I thought I’d make one for myself, but I’ve made  one to give away first ’cause I can’t be the only one out there that needs a pretty new bag holder! It’s GIVEAWAY DAY over at Sew Mama Sew and you should check it out! I’ve listed below how I made mine, and what my old one looks like. But, first, here’s the one I made just yesterday, just for you! So pretty, with a lining and line of pretty little hexies.


Congratulations to Charlotte Lunsford! You’ve won the Hexi Bag Holder! Thank you to everyone who participated and I hope to see you again soon!

Cute, huh? If you’d like me to send this bag to you, all you need to do write in the comments below what your favorite thing to make is. It doesn’t have to be sewing. But be specific! Even if you haven’t made it before, what would you make if you could? This giveaway is open to everyone, and just so you know, there’ll be a little surprise inside! A little something to get you started, wink wink. A winner will be chosen randomly by a third party. Also, you don’t have to, but I would love it if you’d follow me. I’m just starting out this year and would love the company! The giveaway is open until May 10th and I’ll announce that evening who won! Make sure you leave your e-mail address if you are a no-reply link. Good luck!

Below you’ll see my old one and how I made the new one:


You can’t even tell which end is which, except for the loop to hang it. I keep it in my pantry and don’t look at it too often. Obviously. So, it’s time to make a new one.

Let’s do it!

  1. Linen, lightweight fusible, and lightweight cotton lining. Cut 18″x18″. Scrap fabric 8″x2″ for hanging tab.
  2. Fuse together Pellon to cotton lining, Sewed together lining to linen, right sides together leaving 3″ opening.
  3. Trim each of the four corners at an angle, which allows for crisper points at the corners.
  4. Turn right side out, use something like a large knitting needle to bring corners to a point, being careful to not poke a hole. Press. Don’t worry about the unsewn area, it will be stitched down in the hemming.
  5. NOTE: At this point I added my embellishment before stitching together. I added hand-stitched together hexies. I sewed around the edges all the way around and then stitched an outline all around the edge.
  6. Press each end a 5/8″ hem (depending on your elastic width. Sew opposite sides together, right sides together. Sew pressed sides to accommodate the opening for elastic, leaving a 3″ opening for each.
  7. I used a leftover elastic, leaving full length to test how much I wanted the opening to be. Pin a safety pin on the end of the elastic and thread through the opening. I started near the side of the hemmed side, it’s easier to start at that side rather than end there, otherwise  it’s tough to get it through the inside seam allowance.
  8. Stitch together the elastic when it’s as tight as  you want. Clip remaining length.
  9. Stitch down each side’s opening.
  10. For tab, press a 1/4″ on short sides, press long sides together in half, open and take sides to center press mark, press, and finally fold together again and press. Stitch all four sides down. Fold in half and stitch to the back of the bag holder.

Whew! That’s the first time I’ve ever written down how I made something! First tutorial? Well, more like written instructions . . . If anyone wants to make one and has any questions, let me know if you need any clarification, I’m happy to help.

Don’t forget to visit Sew Mama Sew and see all of the other great bloggers and giveaways! Have a great week!

116 Responses to Hexi Bag Holder Giveaway!

  1. Heather Provost Benton

    Following your blog :) thank you for the giveaway!! I love to make clothing for my niece, I love seeing her look so prissy in something her Mimi made for her :)

  2. lisamcgriff

    I like to sew, decorate cakes and cookies. My favorite thing to make is quilts! BABY QUILTS!

  3. Elizabeth

    Love to make a glass of wine after work! :-) I love to stamp and make cards for others.

  4. Amber

    My favorite thing to make is easily QUILTS. More specifically, baby quilts! I really need one of these bag holders though. You only need so many quilts…

  5. lynn

    good luck w/your new blog-i started following. it’s hard to narrow making down to one favorite-but i’d have to say clothes for my son. thanks!

  6. Tiffany

    O this is so cute! And useful! I love making pillow covers :)

  7. Vicki H

    I am a new follower of your blog. I like sewing throw size quilts. I want to make some pincushions in the near future.

  8. Amber

    I love making quilts. I dream about making quilts. I love your bag holder.

  9. buntyw

    I love to make quilts – but I’ve never made a bag holder!!

  10. Jennifer Darling

    I don’t have a favorite thing to make because I get bored so easily and like to constantly change things up! But I suppose (if I absolutely MUST choose) I love to doodle in my journal and end up with visual scriptures that I can post and share with others.

  11. Laura

    I love to make pillows and quilts!

  12. Anita

    Too cute! I have made these before. =) But not with hexies. Thank you.

  13. Lisa

    My favorite thing to make is clothing for my girls.

  14. Susan

    My favorite thing to make is babies! hee hee…still chuckling to myself.
    mcintoshsusan at Hotmail dot com

  15. p.s.phyllis sews

    I love making skirts for my daughter and I, I love making tote bags and quilting small quilts, especially rectangular quilt sandwiches to make pouches!! Thanks for asking and for being part of the giveaway. Isn’t great to make something so useful and practical!!

  16. Georgia

    I love to sew, especially making bags & purses.
    peachstateme at hotmail dot com

  17. Amy

    Love this bag holder! I like to make clothes for my daughters.

  18. Joy

    I like to make dresses.

  19. Bethany

    I love to make quilts, but since my family has so many of them right now I have moved on to dresses for my daughter!

  20. Tami Chaulk

    I definitely need a new bag holder! Right now, we are just using another grocery bag for holding all the bags. That’s a problem because our cats love to play with the bags. I would love to win yours! Thanks for the chance.

  21. Jamie

    I love making memories. :) But with my hands, bags and clutches. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  22. Christina G.

    I love to make cookies :-)

  23. Monica

    I enjoy making quilts best…big quilts, little quilts, quilts with spots. It doesn’t matter.

  24. Jocelyn

    My fav thing to make is quilts and tablerunners.

  25. majorasue

    I knit a lot of socks; they are my mindless project for the many times that my brain doesn’t want to connect to reality. When I can focus, I knit lace.

  26. Linda

    Hi, I’ve always told myself to make one of these and have never gotten around to it so thank you for the directions. I’d like to make a quilt for my daughter to take to college. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. Tamie

    What a generous giveaway. Thank you for participating in the Giveaway Day. I’m mostly a quilter but my favorite thing to make is something chocolate. Really.

  28. Emily C

    I love to make quilts.

  29. Star taylor

    I enjoy making landscapes. My girls like it when we can play in the dirt and get a little muddy.

  30. KeriAnn

    It sounds weird, but I really like making dog collars!

  31. mrsunclefuzzy

    I like to make table runners instant gratification is my thing.

  32. Cara Wills

    Following your blog. Can’t wait to see what all you make :) I love making baby quilts because they go together quickly…but if I get courageous I may start to make some simple outfits for my little girl. I just have to master buttons and zippers first…eek

  33. T

    So cute – love it! Thanks for the opportunity. You really wore out your last bag holder!

    My favorite thing to do craft-wise… that’s pretty tough. I suppose working with a gorgeous yarn – cotton, merino, alpaca, cashmere among my favorites. Something I’ve been wanting to try but haven’t yet… using the VersaCraft ink pads to stamp some custom info on labels for quilts (like dates, etc) – I hear it heat-sets and washes well, and I have a cute set of number/letter stamps to work with – just haven’t gotten around to getting the ink yet.

    Like your blog, Terry! I’ve added it to my reader. :)

  34. Betsy

    I love making cupcakes, but quilt making has fewer calories!

  35. Amy

    My primary craft is knitting. I love to make baby blankets…handmade makes new moms very happy! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  36. miscellaneouscraftiness

    My goal right now is to make everyday clothes and accessories that are comfortable, flattering, and fit me. If I could make anything, it would be the perfect bra.


  37. Anna L

    I like making purses and aprons. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. Mary

    I love to make pet blankets because they’re quick and useful!

  39. SarahT

    I like to make food…sweets. 😉

  40. breannaS

    I love to make dresses for my daughter, knitted socks, purses and bags, and silly knitted items.

  41. Jennifer Gail

    I love making fabric yo yo’s this bag would be perfect . thanks

  42. Jennifer Gail

    I subscribed:)

  43. Faye

    Sewing-wise I mostly make quilts. I also love to make bread.

  44. Emily

    What I’d really like to learn how to make is jewelry. I’m just starting to pursue that interest! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  45. Stephanie A

    I love making Quilts & fabric baskets!

  46. Kim Stewart

    I’ve just started making quilts

  47. Marilize

    My primary way of cheap self-theraphy, I mean crafting, is paper crafting. I recently got into some mixed media stuff too. I sew from time to time and this SMS giveaway has me all kinds of giddy to break out my machine again. She’s been silent for months now and that is not good for her soul 😉

    I love your blog and am following now.

  48. Lynn

    I love knitting hats, scarves and shawls. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Katy

    I enjoy making quilts. And with a blog name like this one, I’m intrigued – I think I’ll go add you to my feed reader now. Look forward to reading more from you when I’m not trying to comment on so many things at the same time!

  50. Cathy

    My favorite thing to make is pillows, all kinds of pillows!

  51. Brooke

    I like to make dresses for my little girls. I have three ranging from 5months to 4 years old!

  52. Suzanne

    I love to make quilts. Since having my first child 3 years ago, I have focused on baby quilts and doll quilts so I can complete the project in a more reasonable time period! 😛 This summer I hope to find some time to make a hexagon and triangle quilt. I have made half square triangles but the other triangle quilts running around are so pretty! Thanks for the chance to win the bag holder! I am in need of one. I have just my 10 week old today so I may take your instructions and go make one!
    Suzanne dot Jourdan at gmail dot com

  53. Marilyn Robichaud

    I love making my grandchildren quilts

  54. Christine Sherman

    I love to make quilts, any kind! I have recently fallen for modern quilts and my to do list is very large!

  55. Kate

    I love making aprons and pot holders. Thanks for hosting!

  56. Tiffany

    Quilts are my favorite things to make. Particularly baby quilts because they are quick and easy, plus I get to work with fun fabrics!

  57. Rachel M

    I love crocheting afghans!

    I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one with a bag holder falling apart. My old bag holder was made by my MIL. It’s really cute with a woman’s head wearing a straw hat on the top. She called them bag ladies. Our bag lady has torn on the bottom and now resembles Frankenstein’s bride as I used a bunch of small safety pins to close her up. It does give her character, though. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. heather

    hi! my favorite thing to make… jamie oliver’s apple pie with homemade ice cream. sooo good! & somehow i get to eat the whole thing myself! ha! really, it’s divine! thanks for the giveaway! :)

  59. Kristin S.

    Hello from Minnesota! Who doesn’t love hexies?! My favorite things to make are dolls and soft toys — I call it, “making friends.”

  60. sogalthoughts

    I love making clothing for my granddaughters and handbags for me!

    • sogalthoughts

      I don’t think my email is attached to wordpress. Sorry. it’s southern gal thoughts at gmail dot com.

  61. Meg

    If I could I would make lots and lots of dresses for myself… hopefully someday soon!

  62. Heather

    I love sewing clothes for my daughter.

  63. kim stewart

    I just started sewing….

  64. Elisabeth

    Does food count? I love to cook! :)

  65. Amy C

    I totally need one of these – and yours is awesome!! Fingers crossed!!! I LOVE making small projects like mini quilts and I love making lemon drizzle cake. Baking and sewing – what else can be better than that!!!

  66. Charlotte

    I’m a knitter … I want to be a quilter but it hasn’t happened yet. I need one of these and don’t know if I’ll ever get around to making my own so am keeping my fingers crossed

  67. Morgan

    Fav thing to make…probly cookies full of secretly healthy things :-)

  68. Garilyn

    I love to make clothing for my little girl. I think it helps that she LOVES what I make. A very close second is making quilts!

  69. Sallie

    Baby quilts for our church quilt ministry – they are donated to the local pregnancy help center or foreign orphanages. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  70. Holly U

    I am enjoying making simple quilts, honing my skills to work up to more elaborate piecing. Thanks for this chance, I sure could use such a bag!

  71. Rose

    I like to make totes and purses but I like sewing in general. Anything. That’s funny about your bag holder because I just threw mine away. I have the fabric cut to make a new one but haven’t gotten to it yet. All my bags kept falling out, so I just took them out and threw the old thing out!

  72. Kristen @ KD-Quilts

    I like to make quilts and big totes. Thanks for this giveaway!

  73. disneyfam

    so far I’ve only made baby quilts but all these creative blogs just might inspire me to branch out.

  74. ikkinlala

    I like to knit socks.

  75. Laura

    I wish I knew how to make anything with a sewing machine! But I love painting things :)

  76. Jayne

    I love to make quilts! Modern and bold! I love hexies too!

  77. Mary White

    I love making baby doll quilts for my granddaughter’s babies.

  78. Georgia N.

    Like the design and could really use one of these!

    • Georgia N.

      I guess I forgot to indicate what I would really like to make in my original post….

      What I would really like to make (if I had the skills and knew how – I’m kinda a beginner sewer) is a dressy jacket with kinda a military style with buttons and such…It’s hard to find what I’m looking for in stores and when I do they are only in size 2 so it would be nice to make a jacket that is fashionable and fits me :)

  79. Deb@asimplelifequilts

    I love to make table toppers using charm packs.

  80. nostephot

    this is great and so useful! thanks for a great giveaway!

  81. Crystal

    I like to make reservations to visit you at your house. :) I would like to make a new slipcover for my fabulous Pottery Barn couch that I bought for $25 at a yard sale. No scaredy cats, right? And I want to be you when I grow up.

  82. Linda in PA

    I could really use a new bag holder. Yours is so pretty. Thanks for the giveaway.

  83. Beth

    I like to make fun clothes for my grandchildren.
    I have never had a bag holder . . . probably better than shoving them in the closet!

  84. Anita

    Beautiful bag holder! I love sewing quilts. Truly and madly. I also love sewing little dresses for my daughter. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway.

  85. Hueisei

    I like to make mug rugs..

  86. Stephanie

    I like making quilts the best!

  87. Sarah

    I like to make scrappy quilts/

  88. Mara

    My love is quilt making, but I like to break things up with smaller projects like pouches and totes.

  89. littlehouseonthedairy

    I just used the Oliver+S bucket hat pattern and it was a lot of fun!

  90. Deidre Ross

    cute bag holder – I like pretty and useful things. I love to make bags and am still learning all sorts of techniques; it is lotsa fun. Thanks for the chance to win.

  91. T Bosch

    I like to make dresses for my daughter…they are typically pretty fast and dresses allow for a lot of error.

  92. Stacy Alfano

    I love to make bags and purses of all kinds!

  93. Hueisei

    I enjoy sewing mug rugs.

  94. Fran

    I love to sew modern quilts. I would love to learn embroidery. Thanks for the giveaway, your Hexie bag holder is gorgeous!

  95. Megan

    Ooh! It’s so cute! And I really do need one of those. I love making things for my kiddos. The girls love it when I make them bags, blankets, pillows, anything really. I even drafted a pattern for and made a fuzzy robe for my youngest daughter once. And I’m not an experienced seamstress, so that took some effort! But her jumping up and down in excitement makes it all worth it :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. connandvansmom

    I love to make childrens & babys items. Like bibs and burp sets and little peasant dresses. and of course quilts.Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway.conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  97. Erin

    I love to make dresses for my girls. I especially like having them help pick out the fabric and how happy they are when it’s finished.

  98. Jaimie

    I enjoy sewing bags and knitting swaters. :)

  99. kathy h

    My favorite thing to make are pillowcases. I love picking out something specific to a season,holiday or something that the recipient will really enjoy.

  100. cnuland

    My favorite thing to make is crocheted doilies. I love working in thread. Thanks for the giveaway – I could really use this. Our current bag holder is one I made back when I was first learning to crochet and it is horribly stretched out now. Plus, I love hexies!

  101. Michelle

    I love to make birthday shirts!

  102. brandi

    my favorite thing to make is really anything new that i haven’t made before… i get bored pretty easily so i like to keep my mind challenged. this week i’m attempting to make a jersey shirt based off of a pattern from one of my favorite shirts so fingers crossed that it works!!!

  103. charlotte l

    I love to make zippy pouches. My bag holder is worn out too! Id love a new one. Thanks.

  104. Sue

    Your holder is so cute! I love making little clutches, pouches and my new love is reusable grocery bags. They are fun and useful!

  105. sangeetha

    i love to make clothes

  106. Lesley

    Thank you for running this lovely giveaway. I enjoy making aprons but I am planning out my first quilt so wish me luck x

  107. Mom C

    I love, love, love to make quilts. I have 2 plastic bagholders, both aged and should have been discarded long ago. What fun. Thanks.

  108. jbsews

    I love making dresses and I love making ceramics. :) This little bag bag is so cute!

  109. Carolyn Howland

    II love making fabric flowers right now. Thank you for the giveaway and the tutorial.

  110. erin noie

    This looks awesome! I could definitely use it, much prettier than stuffing bags in a drawer!! My favorite thing to make is bunting banners, but I’d love to master quilting!!

  111. erin noie

    new blog follower <3

  112. Crystal Rose

    My favorite thing to make would be desserts, especially pie though the crusts are a bit of a pain.

  113. EG


  114. Michelle

    Quilts or small fabric projects like pouches, totes, fabric baskets, etc.

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