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(Im)patiently Waiting for Spring

Posted by on February 6, 2013

I am not a winter gal.


I love the color changes of the leaves in the fall. I love Thanksgiving and all of the holiday preparations for Christmas. I even love the snow – especially when I don’t have to leave my house.  I am one, however, that is ready for my pj’s as soon as it gets dark. That’s hard when it gets dark even before I leave work.

But no more! The days are getting longer, with a few days of less than freezing temperatures.  I am straining toward the spring, toward the warmer, longer days ahead. Did you know Daylight Savings Time begins March 10th!!!

While I try to ‘be in today’, I am a self-diagnosed ADD woman inherited directly from my mother. I love to do things, too-many-to-do things. Here’s a confession: I have spent the entire month of January starting new projects. Well, in my head at least. And I’m already over-whelmed and tired and stressed. Yikes. Do you ever do that?

I’m really longing for Spring. The longer days so I can cram more into them without falling asleep. Spending more time outside because I need to breathe warm, fresh air. I need to get in my dirt and play in my garden. See my herbs from last summer?

My uncovered covered herbs, being guarded by Mr. Rooster and MIss Piggy

My lovely herbs being guarded by Mr. Rooster and Miss Piggy

Last summer Mr. K built me a wonderful red fence around my raised beds to keep out the rabbits and deer, and over the winter he has been building me a two-bay compost bin. I can’t wait to move it into my garden and show you. What’s that, you say? I’m being impatient? Yep.

Here’s my garden entrance after a snow this winter. The gate is from the 1904 home my daughter and son-in-law purchased a couple of years ago. Yet, as beautiful as it is, I can’t get in yet, everything’s still sleeping.

Our lovely vintage garden gate

Our lovely vintage garden gate

So, I wait. Impatiently.

I will list out my wills and won’ts, my hope to’s  and my have to’s, and it will straighten out. Writing it out helps me be realistic and organized.  This life is so full of so many wonderful and beautiful and delightful things. I can’t do all of them as much as I would like to, and some will have to fall to the side. Yet, I know many will happen and I’m so excited.

LORD, I thank you for today and what it will bring. To you I offer my day and myself, and I thank you I don’t have to wait until spring for the goodness and love you’ll show me.

Enjoy this not-yet-spring day.

5 Responses to (Im)patiently Waiting for Spring

  1. Dawn

    Patience. Something I could use more more of myself. The photo of your garden sparked that familiar pang of friendly envy I remember from seeing it last – with its lovely red fence. Perhaps someday I’ll move beyond gardening in pots. The photo below your lovely self at the top of the page is a very familiar pattern, yes? :)

    • Terry

      Good eye! Yes, my very first EPP hexie project! And your potted garden serves you well, and better to serve you than the deer and rabbits, no?

  2. Jennifer Darling

    “And I’m already over-whelmed and tired and stressed. Yikes. Do you ever do that?” Yes i do! Infact i was doing it right before i picked up my phone and saw your post. I was just about to follow the advice of my creative mentor and draw some projects in my journal (ahem) because all my ideas were creating a jumbled mess in my head. And of course, with four children constantly needing me for one thing or another it’s a wonder I ever accomplish anything… Lord thank you for children, creative bursts and friends who have the right words at just the right time.

  3. Tribe of Two

    Your garden sounds lovely and what a gorgeous gate! I wrote a similar post this morning. I can’t wait for green leaves, sunshine and Spring. Can’t wait to get my hands dirty in the garden! Love your blog, I’ll be back soon.

    • Terry

      Oh, goodness! I just found your lovely message amidst some terrible spam! Thank you for your kind words. We are having light flurries this very moment! I can’t wait to get my seeds started and my new blueberries planted! Hurry Spring! I look forward to read your post!

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