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It’s Friday!

Posted by on January 19, 2013

It’s been a fast week for me and it’s already Friday! I’ve been productive in some things, not so much in others. I know it’s only the 17th of January, but I already feel like I’m somewhere between Week 3 or 4 of November. Why? Because I follow a lot bloggers who are so creative, so productive, so inclusive, that when I see a project I admire, I’m drawn to it.

It’s sort of like the commercial that shows you this awesome deal and then says, “But wait! There’s more!!”

I have to continually reel myself back, breathe, and see what’s realistic.

  • Do I have the time to do it and finish?
  • Do I have the resources? (the materials needed or the money to buy the materials)
  • Do I really want to do this – why?
  • Do I really have the time to do it and finish? (I know this is redundant, but I have to make sure I’m honest with myself!)

So, I said earlier that I’d been productive, right? What’ve I done,  you ask?

Well, I finished the index card cover for myself that I’d mentioned in an earlier post. The evidence:


This is before I made the front/back cover inserts. The clippers are obstructing the view you say? It’s hiding the fact I don’t have matching points!

I was going to embroider on the white fabric the word remember, but had sewn it together before I remembered! Good grief, Terry! ha! So, instead, I added two wooden buttons from my grandmother’s button tin that matched the green exactly! What do you think?


I’m now ready to add my scriptures to memorize. Every 1st and 15th of the month I will add a new verse.


Ready to go!

 I also made a sweet little something I’d seen some time ago from Sew.Set. It’s a free pattern by blogger and pattern designer Dog Under My Desk. I got myself this funky, vintage-y fabric by Melody Miller that’s PERFECT for this. It was just what I’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait to make more. What do you think?

IMG_2498 IMG_2504

I know you can’t tell from the picture how big it is, but it’s meant as a ear bud pouch and would be great as a coin purse, too! Don’t you love it???

So, I’ve made these two little goodies, I’ve participated in my small group from my church, babysat my two favorite boys, and I’m getting ready to begin DATE NIGHT with Mr. K.

So, it’s been a busy, hectic week. Good things have happened, and I’ve dealt with a lot of self-induced stress. I’m letting it all be where it is – in the past. I’ve wielded my sword this week and I’m ready to enjoy my three day weekend.

How was your week?

2 Responses to It’s Friday!

  1. Beth

    Date night with Mr. K, huh? I have to admit, I’m a little jealous…of Mr. K of course. You’re scripture memory cover is AWESOME! What other verses or passages are you working on?

    • Terry

      Thanks, Beth! Well, there have been two verses this month: 1 Corinthians 10:13 and Hebrews 12:11. The most confusing part has been keeping the chapters and verses straight – 10, 11, 12, 13 weren’t the wisest choices for two consecutively memorized verses! But I did it and it’s been so good!!!

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