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Spiral Bound Index Card Cover

Posted by on January 13, 2013

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m participating in an on-line scripture memory group with a friend. You could purchase small spiral bound notecard from them, but instead I thought I’d just get one locally. So, I bought index cards that were spiral bound. There are 50 index cards, which is ample for the 24 scriptures I’ll memorize (2 scriptures each month). I can use the additional cards however I want. They are perforated at the top for removal. I wanted to pretty it up and was inspired by a wonderful spiral notebook & cover I received when I completed a hand-stitching class taught by Rachel over at Stitched in Color. I don’t really have much experience in creating new things, just finding other people’s awesome stuff and pretty much making it as originally designed. So this was a challenge for me. For starters, since it’s bound index cards, it’s small and I wasn’t sure I could make a small scale piece. Oh, and I’m not that great at math…


Figuring out color, pattern, and size needed for the cover. What a mess!

Well, I’m happy with the end result. It took time. Too much time, really. Because I refuse to do things the easy way most of the time. I did take notes and drew pictures to help me remember what I did. I put in a couple of HSTs (half square triangles), which was a first ever. I’ve seen them, love them, but had never tried it before. SO easy.


Here’s the finished project. Front inside/out, Back inside/out. I’m pretty tickled about it!

I’m going to get started on the next one. As I never do anything the same twice, I don’t know which I’ll keep and which I’ll give away. I want to make sure hers is pretty and mine is one I’d be proud to tell people I made.

So, would this be incentive for you to memorize Scripture?

5 Responses to Spiral Bound Index Card Cover

  1. Connie Gregory

    Love it! I’m certain I’ll be able to memorize scripture more effectively with such a pretty notebook :)

  2. Elizabeth Ann

    Love the verse you chose for Beth Moore’s Scripture team! :-)

    • Terry

      Thanks, Elizabeth Ann! I’ve known this verse, heard it taught over the years, but it has been sweet to my spirit, meditating on and memorizing it. Have a wonderful day!

  3. KellyS

    This turned out beautiful Terry! I think I need to make some of these to cover up my notebooks. :)

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